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The Social Sisterhood

Aug 31, 2020

In this episode, Lexi and Lindsey will dish all the dirt on how they both were fired from their jobs and what happened after that was pivotal in their lives and careers. Learn how to cope with disappointments and make the most of them and see the good even in bad situations. Lexi and Lindsey both getting fired is the...

Aug 24, 2020

Lexi and Lindsey have far from conventional stories of how they got to where they are today. In their first official episode, they unpack the good, the bad, and the ugly of their career journeys and personal life. They also tell you a little of what to expect moving forward with the podcast. This episode is not going to...

Aug 17, 2020

Welcome, sister! We're so excited to get to know you and have you get to know us! We're here to cultivate a sisterhood of creative, ambitious women who are committed to making their dreams a reality.

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